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Lake House @ Casey Cove

Mitchell is a licensed realtor and co-owner of a residential construction company in Murfreesboro.  He grew up in Milton, TN but spent a lot time as kid hanging out at Center Hill Lake. When the opportunity presented, Mitchell bought some land around Hidden Harbor Marina and started building condos.  Mitchell spends a lot of his time on the weekend in Smithville and will often visit guests to see  how they are doing.  We currently have 3 properties that are within walking distance to Hidden Harbor Marina and we would for you to visit.  The Honeymoon and Family Suite can open up and be shared if you have a party of 12 - 15 people.  The Harbor Cabin can comfortably accommodate 3-5 people.    

Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

Cable Television 


Fire Pit

Honeymoon/Family - Jacuzzi Hot Tub 




Golf Cart (please no kids!!!)

Sunshine and the most beautiful sunset 

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